Neideregger Nostalgic Treasure of
Assorted Marzipan

Celebrate the founding of Lübeck's famous home of Marzipanó
the J. G. Neideregger Company! This unique collection of marzipan
treats is sure to recapture your tastebuds and set them smiling with delight!
You'll discover taste combinations you may not have known, or
rediscover some all over again.
Included in the assortment you' ll findó
Classic marzipan (coated in red foil), and flavors of
espresso, Pineapple, orange, plum (with hint of Armagnac),
William's pear, Eier (eggnog), & rum truffle.

Each box contains 20 delicious pieces, each individually wrapped
and neatly snuggled in a metal period keep sake tin.

ITEM # JGN45 $32.95 (Sale: $29.95). Net Weight: 9.5 oz (270g)

Neideregger Nostalgic
Marzipan Assortment

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: $29.95
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