Centuries ago, Baumkuchen was made by hand on a
rotating rotisserie as shown in this sketch.
Today it is still produced by hand, but
in more up-to-date facilities at the Kreutzkamm Backerei,
in Munich, Germany.

This special treat known as the "cake of kings" as well as the "king of cakes"
has a history that goes back more than 500 years when chefs for European royalty
perfected the time-honored technique of baking thin layers of cake batter
on rotating irons, one thin layer at a time.
The "bark" coating is a layer of dark chocolate
which is poured on once the cake is complete.
When sliced, the cake reveals many thin layers resembling
the age-rings of a tree.

Baumkuchen will keep for several months if kept in a cool, dry place.
For storing, after first cutting, we suggest wrapping the remaining Baumkuchen
in a plastic bag and refrigerating. Later, when ready to serve,
remove from refrigerature and cut another layer. (See diagram below.)
Slice and serve at room temperature.

Instructions for cutting
and serving:

1. With a serrated bread knife,
(or other sharp knife) cut a layer horizontally from top of the Treecake. Peel and discard the inner label.

2. Place layer on counter top or on cutting board and cut into small serving slices (as shown).

Enjoy with tea or coffee.
Goes especially well with a medium dry Sherry, such as Amontillado, or a fine Chanpagne.


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