Fine Imported French Preserves



The flavor and quality of these fine French preserves are attributed to selecting
the best fruit in season and in the preparation they are simmered slowly in
open cauldrons which help to enhance the flavor and protect the texture.
No added preservatives or colors, only fruit (64%), and a limited amount of sugar.
Each ribbed glass jar contains 12.3 oz (350g) of the finest organic fruit.
(The word "BIO"indicates "Organic.")

NOTE: Ingredient labels and additional information
appear in English on the back of each jar of preserves.

Red Fruit Preserves, (Fruits rouges), organic (64% fruit)
A delicious blend of organic strawberries, raspberries, and cherries, combined with cane sugar, lemon juice concentrate, fruit pectin
$8.95 each
12.3 oz (350g)

Fig Preserves. (Figues),
(64% fruit)

Natrual ingredients: Figs, cane sugar, lemon juice concentrate,
fuit pectin.
$8.95 each
12.3 oz (350g)

Black Currant Preserves, (Cassis), organic (64% fruit)
Natrual ingredients: Black currants, cane sugar, lemon juice concentrate, fruit pectin.
$8.95 each
12.3 oz (350g

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