Wicklein Gold Elisen Lebkuchen
in Heavy Cellophane Bag

A special German treat from Nürnberg, baked especially for the
holidays according to a Medieval recipe. Slightly moist, containing many
choice ingredients, including ground nuts (hazelnuts, walnuts, & almonds).
orange peel, lemon peel, figs, honey, wheat flour and spices.
Assortment containes 5 large Elisen Lebkuchen -- 2 sugar coated, 2 chocolate coated,
and 1 plain with ground nuts.
Note: each Lebkuchen measures approximately 3-1/2 inches in diameter.

ITEM # XP29 $16.95 each. Net Weight: 8.82 oz (250g)

Assorted Lebkuchen

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