A very special treat from Nürnberg, Germany, baked especially for the
holidays according to Medieval recipes. Slightly moist cake-like cookies, containing
many choice ingredients, including ground nuts (hazelnuts, walnuts, & almonds).
orange peel, lemon peel, figs, honey, wheat flour and spices.
Each tin contains chocolate coated and/or sugar glazed lebkuchen,
each baked on edible paper-thin wafers, approximately 3-3/4" diameter each.

Each tin is beautifully embossed with colorful embossed images of Medieval Nürnberg,
and have many uses long after their contents have been enjoyed.

Note: several of the tins are marked with the word "Elisen," which simply means
that additional ground almonds have been added
for a richer taste.

A. Festive Tin
Contains 4 Elisen lebkuchen (assorted)
Net wt.7.5 oz (200g)
$21.95 - item #XP83A
click here for larger view.
sold out

B. Durer Classic Tin
Contains 4 Lebkuchen,(assorted)
Net. wt. 7.5 oz (200g)
$19.95 - #XP83B
Click here for larger view.
sold out

C. Festive Parade Gold Tin

C. Festive Parade Gold Tin
(shown in left panel)
Contains 6 Elisen Lebkuchen, assorted
Net wt. 11.64 oz (330g)
$24.95 -
item #XP83C
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sold out

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