from Lübeck, Germany

Marzipan Loaves coated with bittersweet chocolate.

Lübeck, a member of the Hanseatic Merchant League, not only controlled the
Baltic sea but also prospered through Middle Eastern spice trade connections.
However, privileges are occasionally challenged and the walled city of Lübeck
was not exempt .Once,while under attack, the city gates were closed.
Eventually the bakers ran out of flour, and to stave off starvation, they ground their
abundant supply of almonds into flour and created MARZIPAN!
To this day, the traditional shape is still in the form of a loaf of bread.
A "crust" of bittersweet chocolate not only imitates the crust of a loaf of bread,
but also helps keep the marzipan ("almond bread") fresh.

The brand Niederegger is considered the finest in the world.

Classic XP37
A (2.6 oz.) $6.95
Classic XP37B (4.4 oz.) $10.95
Classic XP37C (10.5 oz.) $21.95

2.6 oz. loaf

sold out

4.4 oz. loaf

sold out

10.5 oz. large loaf

sold out

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