PLUMS from Agen, France
Pruneaux D'Agen
Rubbed by hand in fine French VSOP Armagnac

These exquisite, pitted plums from Agen, France have been individually
hand-rubbed several times in fine VSOP Armagnac, then allowed to rest and
marinate for several months before packing in round faceted
glass jars with matte gold lids and purple ribbon.
They are ready to be used in a number of delicious ways for holiday
entertaining or giving. Serve one or two with a slice
of sherry-almond cake (see our recipe for this treat on our recipe page)
or with vanilla ice cream. Or use them as an accompaniment to
pork loin roast. Each jar contains from 18-20 pieces of fruit.
The perfect gift for anyone who appreciates life's equisite delicacies.

ITEM # XP42 $14.95 each, Net wt. 6.5 oz (186g)

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Pruneaux d'Agen (French Plums with Armagnac)

$14.95per jar

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