Chocolate Saba Truffles

Our chef has recently created a unique culinary experience,
incorporating Saba with the finest dark Belgian Chocolate and
other all-natural ingredients.
What is Saba? First of all, it is a cooked grape Must —from grapes that have
been carefully selected (e.g. white Trebbiana grapes and black Lambrusco grapes),
soft pressed, then slow-ccoked in open pots for over 30 hours. The aging continues
in barrels of chestnut, oak & mulberry to achieve the final scent and taste so
unique to Saba.

The history of Saba is ancient — references to cooked Must date back to Egypt and the
Middle East around 3000 B.C. Later, it is mentioned by the Greeks and the Romans who
used the cooked Must (called Saba) to flavor meats, vegetables and fruits, and to sweeten
beverages. During this time Saba was the most common sweetener, together with honey.

Item # CST198 - Six Truffles per box. Ingredients: Dark Belgian chocolate, sugar, fresh cream,
unsalted butter, Saba Grape Must, a hint of \vanilla. Each truffle is hand-dipped in bittersweet
chocolate then rolled to create a rippled texture and carefully wrapped in gold foil.
Net Weight : approx 6.53 oz (185g) .

Item - #CST198
Chocolate Saba Truffles


We sell Saba in our shop.
If intrested, please call for price and more information.
We plan to Saba listed later in our online catalog.

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