The Sundial Gardens, selected larger views.

Most areas in the gardens will be open by mid-June

Above: The entrance to the semi-sunken
Topiary Garden in springtime. The climbing roses on
the arched trellis usually are in bloom by late June.


A view from the dining room showing
the pleached pear arbor and a portion of a
beloved old dogwood tree in late spring.


A section of the knot garden as seen
from the parlor of our house.


From the front step of the house, a portion of the
knot garden and one of several sundials.


Garden statue overlooking the
semi-sunken topiary garden


From the French doors in the teashop,
one gets a preview of the gardens beyond.


View from front step of the house, looking
west toward the birch forest. (Plant material varies
from time to time, but the overall knot pattern remains.)


The topiary garden as viewed from the
elevated walkway.


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