Yixing Teapots

Yixing (pronounced "ee - shing") Teapots are made from a fine,
dense clay which is porous enough to allow air to enter,
yet will not leak. This is why the Chinese say that these
pots "breathe," thus giving "life" to the tea.

Please note: In general, most Yixing Teapots are small and are to be used primarily for Oolong tea.
Since the Chinese often make multiple infusions of tea in the same pot, there is no need for a large container.
Before ordering, please check the measurements as well as the volume of each Yixing teapot.
This informtion is listed with each individual Yixing teapot.
Thank you.

How to care for your Yixing Teapot: Using warm water from the faucet or tap, rinse Yixing teapots thoroughly. Never use soap or dishwashing detergents. In China many serious tea drinkers rinse both the inside as well as the outside of their Yixing teapots with some of the leftover green tea, and then let the pot dry in a well-ventilated place. In time, this method of cleaning produces a soft, glowing pearl-like patina.

Note: Minimum order: $20.00
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The selection of Yixing Teapots shown here represent
a sampling of styles we currently have in stock. Please note that since these
teapots are all handmade, the actual colors may vary somewhat.
We have other Yixing Teapots in our shop in Higganum. If you
are in the area, please stop by during our business hours and
experience the charm and joy of these fine works of art.

CLICK on any teapot or teacup below for full view, size, price, etc.
Again, also note the various sizes (in inches) as well as the volume (in ounces).

Zodiac #23

Rooster #20

Blue-Red #29


Golden Melon

Bird & Flowers #54

Brown #30

Cosmic Egg, & cups #18


Blue Peach #21

Square with
round corners #49

Blue Bamboo #26


Caddy Shaped

shaped #47

Blue Moon

Dble handle #40

Blue & Red Yixing teacups

Yixing teacups 3 colors

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