Holiday Candles & Candle Clips

These candles have been created especially for use on
traditional European Christmas Trees, and can be used for other purposes
such as Advent Wreathes, etc.
Candle dimensions: diam: 1/2 inch; length: 4 inches
Colors: red or white. 20 candles per box.
Made in Germany.

Clips designed to fit above candles and tree branches.
Made in Germany of stainless steel. May be reused many times.

Item #CCR123 Red Tree Candles $4.95 per box of 20
Item #CCW124 White Tree Candles $4.95 per box of 20
Item #CC125 Candle Clips $8.95 per package of 10 clips

Red Christmas Candles


White Christmas Candles


Clips for Candles


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