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Description of Teas in each Chest.

Green Tea Chest

Black Tea Chest

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Green Tea Mini Chest - #1

JADE FIRE DRAGON also known as Huo Qing (Fire Jade) is a skillfully wok-fired green tea with leaves hand-rolled into small dark green shiny pellets. When brewed, Jade Fire Dragon pellets unfurl to release a brisk flavor with subtle notes of fresh pine cones and wild orchids.

SNOW SPROUTING, Special Harvest
. . . from China's southwest, represents the most anticipated first plucking of the season! This rare offering from Guangxi Province displays silvery white plump leaves and leafbuds, all picked by hand.
Few green teas provide such a surprisingly lush mouthfeel with bright, refreshing multiple aromatic and floral notes, including a gentle, nutty finish..

DHANKUTA HONEY GREEN, from Nepal, where teagardens thrive at elevations of over 6000 feet, with the eastern Himalayas (including Mt. Everest) forming the backdrop. Harvesting and processing of the leaf takes place in a pristine environment. Enhanced by less than 20% oxidation the refeshing note of this green tea is still retained while creating a richer finish with hints of sweetness. In addition due to the loation of this teagarden, a muscatel 'Darjeeling' note remains, even after the tea cools.

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Black Tea Mini Chest - #2

CEYLON BLACK TEA - from the Vithanakanda Estate,
(a SFTGFOP-1 superior manufacture), produces a beautiful liquor. Hand-processed with stylish extra long tippy leaves, this tea yields a sweet aroma and a rich mellow taste profile–a rare offering from the Ratmapura region of Sri Lanka. A tea to be enjoyed any time of day.

ASSAM, SUPERB TIPPY - Mangalam Estate, - An exceptional black tea from Assam, India's oldest tea-growing region located on a high plateau in th Brahmaputra river valley, with the Himalayan Foot Hills to the north. A tea with a full-body, well-rounded and flavorful taste, and a deep rich liquor -- suitable with just about any menu (either breakfast, lunch or afternoon).

YUNNAN GOLDEN BUDS, Special / Select - from China's oldest tea growing region; honored with first prize at North America's Annual Tea Championship in 2012. Totally hand-processed, this fully oxidized tea reveals nothing but slender golden leafbuds with a spiral twist.
There are few teas with such depth of flavor, providing a mouth-filling taste experience ranging from subtle to rich, with nutty notes and a honey-like finish.

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Oolong Tea Mini Chest - #3

NILGIRI OOLONG, Burnside Estate, Special Frost, TGOP - harvested during November and December. The result is a well-balanced tea combining flavor and strength with a smooth, low astringent after-taste. Since the Nilgiris or the "Blue Mountains" are known primarily for black teas, this Oolong, therefore, is a rare offering.

TUNG TING OOLONG, also known as Frozen Peak, carries the name of a mountain located in Nantou county, Taiwan. Grown near the summit, tea plants benefit from low hanging clouds and plenty of mist–ideal conditions which result in tender leaves and leafbuds. . . setting this special Oolong apart from many others. When brewed, the loosely rolled pearl-shaped leaves unfurl to render a clear, golden liquor with slight hints of vanilla. . . a rich bouquet followed by a velvety aftertaste.

TI KWAN YIN Classic - from China's Anxi County, Southern Fujian Province. Often served gonfu style (a style using small pots and small matching cups). The choice of tea lovers world-wide, this traditional Oolong with its dark loosely rolled leaves delivers a rich toasty flavor. The smooth long lasting aftertaste is exended without any astringency.

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Scented Tea Mini Chest - #4

CHINA LICHEE CONGOU - From the southern province of Guangdong. Using an ancient process, the leaves of this superior black tea are infused with the juice of the lichee fruit. The interior of the fruit is often compared to white jade, a symbol of beaurty. The taste is delicate and sweet.

IMPERIAL VELVET OOLONG - from Wuyi Shan, the northwestern mountain range of Fujian Province, China, harvested in early Spring. Grown at 3,000 feet, this "rock" or "cliff" tea, nurtured by low hangling clouds and mist has been handprocessed under the guidance of Tea Master Zhengmei Liu. Exotic and visually captivating, this tea suggests a taste profile of milk and grain.

JASMINE SNOWDRIFT - a rare tea, from China's Guangxi Province. Following Song Dynasty tradition (960-1279), only select leafbuds and budsets are picked with their downy soft appearance. This early spring harvest of partially finished green tea waits in cool storage for jasmine blossoms to mature by mid-summer when all components are in place for scenting, This process is repeated several times for a richer flavor, after which the jasmine blossoms are removed. Taste Profile: subtle sweet notes, smooth, clear, refeshing.

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