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The specially fired clay of Yixing teapots absorbs the flavor of each particular tea, therefore it is necessary to use a separate teapot for each tea.

The following procedure will ensure the full experience of enjoying Oolong or green tea:

1, Pre-rinse the pot with hot water before use.

2. Place loose tea leaves into pot (one teaspoon per 6 oz cup).

3. Fill pot with hot water.

4. Steep tea one to two minutes.

5. For multiple infusions refill pot with hot water two times or more, increasing steeping time by one minute with each infusion.

NOTE - Some Oolongs require a special cleansing step prior to preparing the beverage:
Place loose tea leaves into pot, fill the pot with hot water, and then drain off the water. Proceed as above, starting with step 2.

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Using warm water from the faucet or tap, rinse Yixing teapots thoroughly. Never use soap or dishwashing detergents. In China many serious tea drinkers rinse both the inside as well as the outside of their Yixing teapots with some of the leftover green tea, and then let the pot dry in a well-ventilated place. In time, this method of cleaning produces a soft, glowing pearl-like patina.

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In Chinese, Guywan means "covered cup" (in Mandarin) or "cha chung" (in Cantonese). The Guywan has been used in China since 1350, and consists of a saucer, a bowl, and a lid which are all designed to be used together as a unit. To make tea in the Guywan the Chinese way, place tea in the bottom of the guywan bowl and fill with enough freshly boiled water to just below the top.Cover and let steep for the required time (usually 2-3 minutes). Drain the tea by holding the cup and saucer together, using the lid as a strainer to hold back the tea leaves. Lift the lid to experience the delicate aroma of the "rinsed" tea leaves. This method is recommended when making black tea or Oolongs. Green tea does not require a cleansing or rinsing. The next step (second step) is to pour boiled water slowly along the inside of the bowl of rinsed tea leaves. This method causes the leaves to swirl around in the bowl, releasing more flavor. Place the lid on the bowl and allow to steep for the required time --- 2-4 minutes for green tea or Oolongs, and about 3-4 minutes for black tea.

The proper way to drink from a guywan is to hold the saucer in the palm of your right hand, using your thumb to steady the bowl. then with your left hand, tilt the lid by the knob, tilting it slightly away from you in order to hold back the tea leaves while you sip the tea. Add more hot water as needed, pouring the water along the side as before to bring out more flavor.

You can also use the Guywan as a teapot. Make tea as above, using the lid as a strainer. Pour the tea into the saucer, then pouring small individual Chinese cups a little over half full.

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