Tea Mugs and Guywans

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Swallow Design Mugs
These attractive all-purpose mugs
are made of durable porcelain and a
delight to use for tea or any beverage

Height: 4-1/4"
Width (diameter top): 3-1/2"
(diameter bottom): 2-5/8"
Holds12+ oz

#M120A. Dark Blue Swallow Mug


#M121B. Red Swallow Mug



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Potted Plant Design Mug
A delightful mug of durable
porcelain, adorned on all sides with a
variety of colorful potted plants.
Ideal for tea or any beverage

Height: 3-1/2"
Width (diameter top): 4-1/2"
(diameter bottom): 2-3/4"
Holds12+ oz

#M122 Mug with Potted Plants


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Celadon Mug with Lid
(with Delicate Floral Pattern)

These beautifully proportioned Celadon Mugs, with their flowing, graceful lines, make tea-drinking that much more a pleasant experience. The word "celadon" is attributed to the Sultan Salah ad-Din who presented a gift of 40 pieces of this type of porcelain to the Sultan of Damascus.

Height: 3-3/4 inches from top of rim (not including the lid) to the base of the mug.
Diam: 3-1/8 inches. Holds 10 oz

Celadon Mug with Lid
Item M114


out of stock

Plissé Mug
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Plissé Porcelain Mug from Pillivuyt

A graceful yet practical mug in the plissé style (pleated style, similar to Pillivuyt's tea pots).Made in France of durable white porcelain.

Height: 4 inches, diameter: 3-1/8 inches, Holds 9 oz.

White Plissé Porcelain Mug
Item M116


Tall Brew-in-Mug
with Lid/Tea strainer saucer
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These solid color ceramic brew-in-mugs are not only very practical, but look great in your office or home. The stainless steel mesh removable tea strainer makes preparing tea and clean up easy and effortless.
Mug holds15 oz.
Height (including lid): 4-3/4", Diam: 3-3/8"
Available in Red, white, black, grey, turquoise.

Item #M118R Brew-in-Mug
(color Red )


Item #M118W Brew-in-Mug
(color White)


Item #M118B Brew-in-Mug
(color Black)


Item #M118T Brew-in-Mug
(color Turquoise)


Item #M118G Brew-in-Mug
(color Gray)


Asian-Style Brew-in-Cup with Tea Infuser & Lid/Saucer

Made of quality porcelain with easy-grip center band for safe handling. Comes complete with stainless steel infuser and saucer, which can also be used as a lid.
Item M119. Size: Diam: 3-5/16"; H: 4-5/16" Holds 12+ oz
Available in Red (as shown), Black,White,Turquoise, Grey & Dark Blue (Marine)

Item #M119R Asian-Style Brew-in-Cup - RED


Item #M119B Asian-Style Brew-in-Cup - BLACK


Item #M119W Asian-Style Brew-in-Cup - WHITE


Item #M119T Asian-Style Brew-in-Cup - TURQUOISE


Asian-Style Brew-in-Cup
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C. Stainless-steel Tea Strainer with cap.
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Floral-Design Yixing Mugs
Two elegant Yixing Tea Mugs , especialy for green or oolong tea. Handmade by Chinese craftsman using the natural color of the clay- no color added. The floral designs are embossed with contrasting colors.

Height: 4-3/4" from base to tip of lid, Diam: 2-9/16"
(width including handle: 4-7/16"). Holds 10+ oz.

A. Item #XM45-A - 10 oz
Dark brown-Mug


B. Item #XM46-B - 10 oz
Terra-Cotta Brown-Mug


Tea Strainers to fit Floral Yixing Mugs
This versatile tea strainer, beside its use for the tea mugs above, is adaptable for use with many other mugs or teapots. Made of fine stainless steel, the cap or lid may be used as a saucer once your tea has been brewed.

Height: 2-7/8" (including lid); Diam: top: 4' (including handles); Diam: bottom: 1-7/8"
Fine stainless mesh steel.

C. Item #TS47
Stainless steel tea strainer


Black Floral Guywan
For a larger view, click here.

Black Floral Guywan

This country floral pattern Guywan from China is a delight to use and to admire. It is made of white porcelain with bold colorful floral designs against a black background. The bowl itself is 2-5/8" in height with a 4" diameter. Holds approx. 6 oz. For a detailed description of guywans and how to use, click here.

Item GW154


Rice Pattern Guywan

Created in a very traditional Chinese decorative blue pattern, this Guywan features the imprint of rice kernals imbeded during the firing of the fine porcelain. The bowl itself is 2-1/2" in height with a 4" diameter. Holds approx. 6 oz. For a detailed description of guywans and how to use, click here.

Item GW155


Rice Pattern Guywan
For a larger view, click here,

Lace Pattern Guywan
For larger view, click here.

Lace Pattern Guywan

The gray-green color of this guywan is accentuated with a delicate lacey pattern on the exterior, and a border of dark blue-green.The bowl itself is 2-1/2" in height with a 4" diameter. Holds up to 8 oz.
For a detailed description of guywans and how to use, click here.

Item GW157


Zen Brew-in-Cup
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Zen Brew-in-Cup

To use, remove lid, add loose tea leaves to the infuser, and place infuser in the cup. Pour hot water over tea leaves, cover and let steep for the required time. After brewing time, remove the cover and place the infuser in the lid (cover serves as a saucer as shown).

Made of ceramic in a soft off-white with a crackle glaze. The exterior of the Cup is matte-black with a delicate brown colored on rim.
Cup holds 10 oz of tea. Height (including lid): 3-5/8", Diam: 3-1/2" (approx)

Comes packaged in a gift box - ideal for
birthdays or any special occasion.

Item ZBC156


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Cat Handle Yixing Mug
Size: Width including handle: 4-3/4"
Height including top of handle: 4-3/4"
Holds16 oz

#YXM38 Cat handle Yixing Mug

$19.95 each

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