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Lobed-Lid Teapot
This off-white teapot, with its gracefully ribbed pattern and lobed-lid, is a replica of a traditional English teapot. It is made of fine porcelain and holds 24 oz.
Height (including tip of lid): 5-3/4 inches.
Length (from spout to handle): 8 inches.

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Lobed-lid Teapot
Item # TP521

out of stock

Blue Willow Teapot (two sizes).
The pattern on this traditional porcelain teapot depicts the Chinese legend of the angry father pursuing his eloping daughter, only to see the maiden and her lover transformed into doves who fly safely above the willow trees.
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#A105 Blue Willow Teapot, large (32 oz) $32.00
#A106 Blue Willow Teapot, small (24 oz) Out of stock.

Plissé Pattern Fine White Porcelain Tea Pots and Tea Cups from Pillivuyt (France)
These beautiful and elegant, yet quite functional, tea items create just the right atmosphere for a simple tea or for a more formal occasion. The Pillivuyt Factory, located in the historic village of Mehun-sur-Yevre, France, has been producing fine porcelain since 1818, and is well known for its high quality, superior workmanship.The raised outside pattern (called Plissé, which means "pleated" or "creased") creates soft pleated shadows, providing a subtle design element which will match just about any table seting. We offer two sizes of both teapot, cup and saucer.
A. Large Plissé Teapot
(64 oz) Item #TP503


B. Cup & Saucer (8 oz) to match large Plissé Teapot
Item #TC504


C. Small Plissé Teapot
(24 oz) Item #TP505


D. Cup & Saucer (6 oz) to match small Plissé Teapot
Item #TC506



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A. Large Teapot (64 oz)
Total height: 6-3/8", Total width: 10-1/8"
B. Large Tea cup (8 oz) with Saucer
cup height: 2-7/8", Cup width: 3-7/8"
C. Small Teapot (24 oz)
Total height: 4-3/4", Total width: 17-1/2"
D. Small Tea cup (6 oz) with Saucer
cup height: 2-1/2", Cup width: 3-1/2"

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Basic White Porcelain Teapots for all occasions.
These simple, plain white porcelain teapots are at home just about anywhere, and have a quiet elegance all their own. Great for everyday use or for a special occasion. We offer three sizes: A. 64 oz (6-8 cup) Height: 6-1/4 inches, Width: 9-7/8 inches B. 32 oz (4 cup) Height: 5-5/8 inches, Width: 9 inches
C. 16 oz (2 cup) Height: 4-5/8 inches, Width: 7-1/2 inches

A. Large White Teapot
64 oz (6-8 cup) #TP522


B. Medium White Teapot
36 oz (4 cup) #TP523


C. Small White Teapot
16 oz (2 cup) #TP524


Bright Red Porcelain Teapots
These simple, plain red porcelain teapots are sure to brighten up any tea event, especially during the holidays.

Small Red Teapot
20 oz (2+ cup) #TR525


Medium Red Teapot
32 oz (3-4 cup) #TR526


Large Red Teapot 42 oz (5-6 cup) #TR527 (not shown)


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Old Amsterdam White Teapot
with Dome-Shaped lid

A simple, yet elegant little teapot that will look wonderful in any setting. Pours well and holds 18 oz.
Size: Height: 5", Width: 7"

Old Amsterdam Teapot with Dome-shaped lid Item#TP511


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Old Amsterdam White Teapot
A basic teapot for everyday use, or as an extra pot.
Simple design, but makes a good pot of tea anytime
Pours well and holds 18 oz.
Size: Height: 4-3/4", Width: 7-1/2"

Old Amsterdam White Teapot
Item #TP512


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Standard White Teacup
A versatile little handleless teacup which goes very well
with any of the white teapots shown below.
Size: Height: 2", Diameter: 3", and holds 4 oz.

Basic Standard White teacup
Item #TC510


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Asiatic Pheasant Teapot and Matching Teacups and saucers.

Fine English bone china, replica of an antique pattern/

Teapot Size: L 10" x H 5-1/2 " Holds 32 oz

Asiatic Pheasant Teapot
Item TP517 Out of stock.


Asiatic Pheasant Teacup with Saucer Item TC518 Only 1 set left.


Tetsubin, or Iron Teapot.
In the mid 19th century Japan's iron pots used for boiling water were elevated from a utilitarian vessel to a beautiful status symbol, such as the iron, sandcasted teapot shown here. Dragonflies (symbolizing immortality) are intertwined to form the movable handle, and also appear with wings spread on the base of the teapot. The interior is enamaled. Size: Holds 16 ounces.

Back in stock.

Tetsubin teapot
Item #TP519


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